Masturbation Phone Sex- Chat with sexy lady about jerk off instructions.

Is it being told exactly what to do? Or just that you don't know how to masturbate? Yeah, you know how to jerk off, but calling a girl on the phone who gives you specific instructions on how to get those nuts pumped up with cum drives you wild. You love all those euphemisms she uses. How the hell does she know so many words for jackin' off? When she whispers "monkey stroker" you are about to lose it every time. She loves hearing you jerkin it till your prick is about ready to puke, but only when she tells you. She has total control over your cock and what you do. The ultimate would be if she taught you how to suck your own cock! Self cock sucking at her command!!

Sometimes she will surprise you with a detailed technique, a new male masturbation tip, controlling your orgasm until you cum. Your nuts get so full you think they are going to bust! She's such a good teacher or are you that good of a student eagar for a phone sex lesson? She has you cumming prepared with lube and when she gives the list of things to have ready before the call, your horny prick drips with precum in anticipation of what she might have you do. Your mutual masturbation sex talk gets you both stroking until you have to cum!

It's like that nasty teacher student fantasy game you play during phone sex. It makes you hard thinking about it. To jerk your dick off to her sexy voice and when you cum you spew it all over! Even though you are on the phone, she will make you jack it off on the floor or your desk so that you leave a mess to clean up afterwards. And even then, you end up jacking off again as you try to clean up all that jizz. What do you think she will have you do today? You should call her and see what masturbation lessons she has planned just for you.

This is an ADULT Phone sex service that provides adult conversations for ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY. Conversations are explicit and done live AFTER payment through a dispatcher has been completed. There are NO Freebies or Samples Billing is done in flat rates and there are NO hidden fees. Calls are $2.25 a min or $60 for 30 mins.

18 U.S.C. 2257 Compliance Notice

$2.25/min or 30min for $60

No hidden fees
No connection fees
Live girls into YOUR kink