Forced Feminization Phone Sex - Erotic Adult conversations for those guys who fantasize about wearing women's clothing

I Love to get myself all pretty for a hot night of kinky fun. Hair, makeup, silky panties, a skimpy bra, sexy stockings, skin tight clothes and a pair of slutty shoes to top it off. I find dressing up the most fun when I have a hot girlfriend to play with me. But, my taste in girls is a bit unique. I like my girls to be those hot and hard men by day who beg to be my little sissy bitch by night... Think you can handle that? *wink*

When I get ready to go out, I always start with my hair and makeup. Once I'm looking nice and hot I like to take my sexy friend and give him a hot new name for the evening. Once he's named, he becomes my hot little CD girlfriend who I get to make pretty. I love to start right off with that makeup. Nice eyes are key and a deep set of blue or a soft set of brown makes me melt. If we're feeling adventurous we might go for a little bit of blush and we CAN'T forget the lipstick!!! As for the hair, a sexy wig and sissify it with some barrettes or a headband. We chat about his naughty cross dressing fantasy and explore his fetish to make him the perfect girly girl.

Once the face and hair are just right, it's time to get some clothes on that hot little body! To start, we get a nice padded bra to compensate for what my girl is lacking. *wink* then we get a matching pair of silk panties... Pink is my favorite... We have to carefully slide on a pair of sexy stockings. The site of this is VERY exciting to me, and usually to my girlfriend. I love to just stand in front of the mirror with her and stare. Sometimes I like my girls innocent and sweet in a pretty little party dress, but most often I like my girls nice and slutty in a skintight dress that leaves NOTHING to the imagination. Short, tight, and all mine!! I love it!

Once we've picked out the perfect dress, we have to have those sexy shoes to match, by this time I'm SOAKED! Once everything is all in place we have to go back to the mirror to check out how hot we are; the sight of me next to a hot slut is too much! I have to get my girl out of those clothes and into my bed... I love my girl to undress me in front of the mirror so she can watch as those clothes just slide off me ... then I have her undress in front of the mirror for me once we're both completely naked (except for maybe those panties, stockings, and sexy shoes) I have to have my girl taste just how wet she makes me. Then it's time for some more serious fun; I have her help me into my other good friend, my thick purple strap on. *smile* My girl needs to be a good slut who can suck my cock and get it nice and wet for that tight little hole hiding in those pretty pink panties.

I love a nice hard cock deep inside me, but I don't think anything beats the feeling of bending over my girlfriend and making her cum nice and hard. Nothing makes me hotter than knowing just an hour prior that was a big strong tough boy that I was able to turn into a pretty little girl who's more than willing to be my little fuck toy. It drives me wild. Want me to make you pretty? Help you slide into my panties? Let me see that tight little ass baby. Let me make you cum like every good girl should. *smile*

This is an ADULT Phone sex service that provides adult conversations for ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY. Conversations are explicit and done live AFTER payment through a dispatcher has been completed. There are NO Freebies or Samples Billing is done in flat rates and there are NO hidden fees. Calls are $2.25 a min or $60 for 30 mins.

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$2.25/min or 30min for $60

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