Adult Baby Fetish Phone Sex- Chat with lactating mommies who want to talk to sissy adult babies about infantilism.

Where's mommy when you need your diaper changed? That big soggy diaper, wet and full of poo poo. At first it feels so good to have all that warm pee pee filling up your diaper and warming up your little balls and wetting your ass. You are almost proud of yourself for making that diaper so full, but now it's a big wet humiliating mess and you need your diaper changed! You better hope your Mistress Mommy doesn't spank you for playing in your stinky poop.

Your infantile cries will bring mommy and she will put a pacifier in your mouth for you to suck. It's almost as good as the milk from mommy's full lactating breasts. It makes your adult diapered cock hard when mommy squirts milk from her nipple. When Mommy calls you on the phone she talks to you in that special mommy voice that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Then she looks at you with a frown. She thought you were old enough to start wearing real underwear, but you are not. You are a baby, a big adult baby that mommy needs to diaper!

Do you need mommy to change your diaper? Do you want her to powder your wet tender bottom before the baby sitter comes? Only sissies and babies wear diapers, and you are one big baby.

Mommy's waiting for her call, are you ready to have naughty phone sex with mommy?

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This is an ADULT Phone sex service that provides adult conversations for ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY. Conversations are explicit and done live AFTER payment through a dispatcher has been completed. There are NO Freebies or Samples Billing is done in flat rates and there are NO hidden fees. Calls are $2.25 a min or $60 for 30 mins.

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$2.25/min or 30min for $60

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